I Hope You Dance ~

I’m kicking up my heels and drying out my webbed feet in sunny Palm Springs this week.  There is nothing better than hanging with a flock of silver haired snowbirds to make you feel young.   Last night we met Betty and her two girlfriends at the front desk.  She’s my kind of gal.  Sporting a bejewelled pink jean jacket, a crown of silver hair and a hearty laugh, this lovely lady is a role model for living and loving life.  Betty is looking for fun and I’ll bet she even turns a couple of old foxes’ heads and gets called out for a whirl or two around the dance floor when they bring out the Tommy Dorsey cover band.

Click on the photo below to watch an awesome dance number.  I think it’s time to dust off my dancing shoes.  How about you?

Life is really about grabbing the gusto no matter your age or the color of your hair.  To quote the lyrics of a favorite country song  ~ “And when you have the chance to sit it out or dance… I hope you dance.”


6 thoughts on “I Hope You Dance ~

  1. Awesome Nancy! Have a great time! I took another big leap and just said YES to the Zumba Instructor Conference in LA next month. I am terrified and excited which means – I NEED TO GO!

    • Heather, I am SO proud of you. Yes! It is the year of saying Yes and good things will come of it. You are perfect for Zumba and I can come to your classes.

    • Hi Evans, I am here with my friend Dawn at her parents’ timeshare. I’m working right now and she’s off exploring. Can’t wait to sit and sip some wine on the patio this evening. I forgot how lovely it is here!

  2. Ha good one nancy…I was just reading in my AARP magazine that dancing improves your memory as well… Have a wonderful week…hi to Ms Dawn I know you guys will be dancing. Ttfn Annie

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