Simple Pleasures ~

Since I appear to be the only one working while all around me my peers are, one by one, slipping quietly into retirement, I still enjoy the simple pleasures of knowing which day of the week it actually is and feeling that wee spark of happiness when Friday finally rolls around again.  Count your blessings…however small they may be.

Mr Ricky

Mr Ricky

Here’s what Mr. Ricky and I will be doing this weekend while hub’s watches football, football and more football – snuggling under the covers to stay warm and dreaming about all of the things that make us happy.  Oh, and we’ll probably eat something tasty too.

Happy Friday!

Happiness is not a goal…it’s the by-product of a live well lived. 

3 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures ~

  1. I love this picture he is so sweet…and I loved the blog right on! I Say amen to that..and I hope you guys do have a cozy warm weekend…and a fun fun week ahead that is going to be perfect…good friends hopefully not too cool…and lots of chats…and laughs..

    Love and hugs Annie

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  2. Mr. Ricky is adorable! We have a resident diva tabby–Tabitha–and she is a blast! 🙂 Life’s simple pleasures, I believe, are the best–no doubt!

    • It’s so true that our pets have a thing or two to teach us about being in the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m enjoying your posts on Tickled Pink Woman very much as well.

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