Hanging with Oprah ~

RISK ~ That’s my word for 2013 and as I said, I’m going for it. Damn the torpedoes and all that.

I decided to jump right in and sign up for not one but two creative classes.  They are online and they are both fabulous.  Great inspiration, ideas I can put to use immediately and daily and weekly projects that are already moving me out of my comfort zone.   I’m loving every minute.  Old dog + new tricks = grand new adventures!

One of my goals for 2013 is to step into the blogging world in a whole new way.  I’ve got some big plans to hatch and lots of work to do.  I am excited to go down this path wherever it leads.

Everyday Magic is a photography class led by blogger, photographer and creative living inspiration, Tammy Strobel.  Tammy and my classmates from all over the world are helping me see the magic in so many of the everyday moments I have overlooked or taken for granted as I rushed through my days.  It is just so darned cool.

The second class is called Juicy Blogging with writer, editor and blogging pro, Britt Bravo.  I just started a couple of days ago and I have already learned and tried so many new ideas I am about to burst with enthusiasm.  I know I will be much better blogger as I begin to share our Just a Backpack adventures with a larger audience.

Both classes have daily lessons.  Today at Everyday Magic our theme was  “A Day in the Life”.   Britt’s writing assignment was to do a blog post that contained mostly photos.  Sounded like the makings of a fun blog post to me.

Here’s how it played out…

Oprah was waiting for me when I opened the mailbox

Oprah was waiting for me when I opened the mailbox so we decided to go on an adventure together.  (well I decided)

Driving Ms. Oprah

Driving Ms. Oprah.

Lunch?  Of course.  We both had the apple/goat cheese salad

Lunch?  Why yes.   We both had the apple/goat cheese salad. 

Quick trip downtown to Union Station for a pickup.  Oprah was dash-surfing for a better look

A quick trip downtown to Union Station to pick up a friend.  Oprah rode on the dash to catch a better view.

Even Oprah loves a good sale.  Me too!

Oprah loves a good sale.  Me too!

See's chocolate?  Why yes, let's get a 1 pound box and eat it on the drive home

See’s chocolate? Of course!  Let’s get a one pound box and eat it on the drive home.

Perfect ending to a perfect day.  Starbucks, tea, chocolate and a little bit of Oprah wisdom.  It was my Oprah Aha Moment.

Perfect ending to a perfect day. Starbucks, tea, chocolate and a little bit of Oprah wisdom. It was my very own Oprah Ahhh! Moment.

These classes are gifts I gave to myself.  They fit me perfectly and have already brought me hours of joy.   New sweater?   Don’t really need one.  Meeting new people and making a few synapses fly in my brain?  Now that’s a gift that will last a lifetime.

What gifts have you given yourself lately?  If not…what are you waiting for?   You deserve it.  Just like me.


14 thoughts on “Hanging with Oprah ~

    • I agree! It looks like you had a great time with Oprah. I have been trying to say ‘yes’ more and be more flexibls. I also have purchased a wine and painting class and am taking up knitting again. With such little room in my apartment, buying things is just not something that I can do. Doing new things and taking care of myself is what I am focusing on this year.

      • Yea for you Heather. Betty Ballmer is coming to stay with me for a week. Feb 4-11. I was thinking about taking the wine/painting class at Sip D’Vine (or something like that) over in Sellwood. If we go, I’d love for you to join us. It would be a laugh.

    • Thanks Denise! Actually it was Dawnie that I was picking up at Union Station. She bought her mom’s car and was driving it back to Washington. Stay warm. Are you off to Hawaiian sun soon?

    • Happy New Year to you Astra. Are you in the thick of hockey season? Juicy Magic! I love those words together and I’m going to look for just that combination every day in the coming year. Wishing you lots of everyday magic as well.

  1. Well that was just the most fun…following you and Oprah on your special outing! Most excellent! It must’ve been boring going to lunch with me after that! 😉

  2. Whee! What fun, Nancy! And so very clever… perhaps you’ll get a meet-up with the real lady herself one of these days! Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot!!! “And today’s guest is the fantastic and amazing blogger from Portland, Nancy Thompson. She and I have had some great adventures together before today and I’m looking forward to sharing her fun and blogging expertise with you, my gorgeous audience. Nancy! I love that scarf you’re wearing! Just where did you find that treasure?”

    Just a side note from a detail-oriented person – in the 6th paragraph, you mention Britt’s name in conjunction with Tammy’s Everyday Magic class… are the two classes related? Or maybe this is just a typo? Sometimes I’ve thought being “detail-oriented” is a devil in my brain

    And on that note, I’m so happy you’ve connected with Tammy – isn’t she just amazing?! I love her blog. Now I’m gonna go check out Britt’s – thanks for the links!

    • Hi Lois. Thanks for the fun vision. And, thank you for the feedback. I review and edit, review and edit but sometimes I still miss something so I appreciate it when someone points it out. I’ll take a look now and correct as needed. I’m taking two online classes right now and working on spiffing up the old blog a bit in the not too distant future. Let’s get together soon. I’m going to visit friends in Palm Springs next week – I hope there’s a little sun. I need sun.

      • Nancy, don’t feel bad about the error, I read a James Patterson book recently and found a typo! He’s a top-selling author with several editors! 🙂

      • Hi Heather (and Lois) I just went back and I don’t see an error. I’m taking two classes and had two assignments one for photo and one for blog post and they married so well I came up with the Oprah post. Perhaps I gave too much info on how I got the the Oprah thing. I do hate typos and have caught some of my own after the fact. It’s hard to proofread yourself. Thanks Heather for the kind followup. I’m always happy when someone gives constructive feedback.

      • Hi again, Nancy! I think my “confusion” came from relating the blog-name and the person-name in paragraph 6 as being from the same class. After reading the paragraph again, I realize that you’re speaking of the two different classes you’re taking – one class by its blog name and one class by the name of the person teaching it. I got it now!

        And, Heather, I think you and I just read the same James Patterson book! As Nancy indicated, it’s very difficult to proof your own writing, especially since we usually want to edit it at the same time! Even though I’ve been a proofreader and content editor for over 40 years, I can still find something in my own writing – just look at my original comment above…

        Nancy, your blog post is awesome… I was simply looking for clarification. It’s not my responsibility to point out your “errors.” Rock on!

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