526,600 Minutes ~

It’s January and like almost everyone else, I’ve been thinking about the year ahead.   All day the song 526,600 minutes from the musical Rent has been playing in my head.  That’s a whole lot of minutes – a whole year’s worth to be exact.  What a gift.  And an awesome responsibility as well – to make the most of each and every one of those 526,600 minutes.

Every January I like to take a walk down memory lane, review the previous year (the good and bad and the I can’t believe that really happened) and then set my my intention for the year ahead.  I’ve given up making new years resolutions, but I do like to have a goal or two and a bit of a road map.   I chose  RISK as my guiding word for this year.   As hubs and I continue to move deeper into uncharted waters, my willingness to embrace risk will be key to the success of our backpack and rollie retirement adventures.  I’ve never been a big risk taker.  It’s time.  I’m going for it.

Here’s my 2013 Wordle.   I know it will be a great visual reminder of where I want to keep my focus and intention as I move through the year.

If you want to play with your own Wordle, check out their website.  it’s easy and lots of fun.


6 thoughts on “526,600 Minutes ~

    • Thanks Lois. I love the process and the visual reminder. I’m working on a mandala and a vision board. They all help me sort through the clutter and then it’s up to me to actually take action. I’m definitely a work in progress. Hope you are well. Let’s catch up for tea/coffee soon.

  1. I came over to from our Everyday Magic class and love your word for the year. Congratulations on taking a risk and inviting all of us to follow along. I would love to start a blog. Perhaps I should begin by adding Tammy’s writing course too.

    • Sandy, Thank you so much for clicking over. I really love the Everyday Magic class. It is exactly how I want to experience life these days. I’m thinking of taking Tammy’s writing class we well. She is an inspiration. I’m loving everyone’s photos. We are all so different. How cool is that?

  2. I often need to map it out or write it out or slow down and imagine it in my mind before taking any big step… so I love the Wordle, a great idea. I may have to do that for my year before January is done…thanks for the idea!

    • Hi Lora, Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I truly appreciate it when readers share their thoughts and feedback. I agree that it’s hard to get where you want to be without some sort of a map. Wordle is fun!

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