Total Failure? I think Not! ~

Back in the middle of August, after way too many months of procrastination and good intentions that never got me making any real progress, I watched a TED talk about doing something new for 31 days.  I decided to use this as my motivator to get myself back in the gym.   A place where everybody used to know my name and now all the faces were new.  I committed publicly in this blog post.

It’s been almost two months and well past the 31 days so I thought it would be fun (and humbling) for me to check in and let you know how it went down.  Some good.  Some not so much.  Oh, I started out full speed ahead.  Every afternoon after work I walked over to 24 Hr Fitness and right in through the big front door.  This was the piece that had been eluding my fitness routine for a while.  Walking IN the door.  I told myself it didn’t matter how long I stayed, I just had to go in and do something.  I went.  I stayed.  I worked out.  I loved it.  I loved myself for doing it!  All was good.  Day 1 was a success – days 2, 3 and on through 10 – all good.  Then I hit a bump in the road.   Work got in the way and I ran out of time.  Could I have gone at 7:30pm or 5:30am?  Yes.  Did it even cross my mind?  No it did not.  So, I missed a day.  But then I got right back to it.  The not so good news is that the rest of my 31 days went something like this… gym, gym, something else, gym, something else, gym, gym, and so on.  Adding them up, I did 20 days out of the 31 that I committed to.  I don’t pretend to know anything about baseball, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a very good batting average.

So, I missed the mark… a little.  I only beat myself up a tiny bit because the really good news is that I am still going to the gym regularly.  In fact, I’ve settled into a really good routine of Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  We’ve been doing 6-8 mile hikes on these lovely Fall weekends but, now that the rains are back, I’ll probably add one more day to the gym.  Or not.

All in all.  I’m calling it a success and I’m glad I took the challenge.  I ended up right where I hoped to be.  As the hubs says – I’m cranking weights and pounding it on the treadmill – at the gym.


10 thoughts on “Total Failure? I think Not! ~

  1. Good for you nancy! Beating yourself doesn’t make sense-you are doing more than many people, including yours truly! Gotta get back to the gym! Thanks for the inspiration! Love, Denise

    • Thanks Denise. We’re all in this together and I think it helps to share our stories – You get your workout at the diner!

  2. Nancy, You were successful and you are my “hero”. Thank you for sharing. No more excuses from me, Zumba is back on my agenda.

    • Ok girlfriend. I’ll see you in class. I texted you back about coffee/tea at Starbucks. Did you get it? Next week is crazy but let’s put something on the calendar before you leave for Mexico.

    • Hi Astra, I was shooting for the do something every day for 31 days so I did miss that mark but I ended up right where I needed and hoped to be so I AM happy. What’s up with the hockey season? Time to get over the lock out and get on the ice guys.

  3. I think you’ve got a great success story there! If you are still going, then it is now a habit! Just keep it fun and it will be something that you look forward to! Enjoy!

    • Well Kirsten, it was a habit before and I managed to stray into other things. I’ll just keep working at it. I wish I had a gym buddy. It is so much easier for me if someone else is expecting me to show up…and then we can have tea afterwards 🙂 Thanks for your encouraging comment.

  4. Atta girl. Here’s a tip that worked wonders for me. I rode my bike to work about once a week and decided I should really step that up. So one January 2 I got a calendar and drew in a little car every day I DIDN’T ride a bike. That year I drove in only twice, both times because I had a flat tire. Every time I woke up and it was raining or cold I thought about having to draw in that little car and made myself get on that saddle. As you said, that’s the hard part anyway.

    • Wow. I AM impressed. As a fellow Portlander, I am not sure even a drawing of a car on the calendar would do it on those cold, dark, raining mornings. You are One Tough Mother! – Oh wait, that one’s already taken. Thanks for the comment and the encouragement.

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