Just a Couple of Crazy Kids ~ another on foot adventure

Since we are now fully committed to the Camino de Santiago trek next September, the hubs and I have upped our walking game significantly.  Every weekend we’re out exploring the city streets and country roads in and around Portland.  It is amazing what you miss when you are whizzing along at 55 mph.  Of course, the beautiful Fall weather hasn’t hurt.  I don’t know how motivated we’ll be when it’s cold, gray and soggy, but we’ll cross that bridge (on foot) when we come to it.

I’m in charge of mapping our routes and coming up with interesting locations and access to restrooms and good food along the way.  So far, so good.  Last week a friend of mine who is always off on one adventure or another, mentioned she had gone to the Portlandia Corn Maize out on Sauvie Island.  When I asked how much actual walking was involved, she indicated it could be A LOT depending on how many dead ends you took in the maize.

Well, thanks to Lois, I thought this would be a great way to try something new and get our walk on at the same time.  What a hoot!  Yes, it is mostly for families with kids and somehow that brought out the kid in us too.   We walked, we laughed, and we got lost over and over again.  But, we enjoyed the fresh air, acres of corn stocks at least ten feet tall, answered silly questions that helped us find our way through the maize, and of course, I sang a chorus or two of “I’m as Corny as Kansas in August”.

Honey, I think we’ve been down this row before.

And, the best part…because we aren’t kids (only kids at heart), we finished the afternoon with a couple of adult beverages on the dock and watched the boats go by.


9 thoughts on “Just a Couple of Crazy Kids ~ another on foot adventure

    • Well, since you asked…They have a very large farm market and so many different kinds of squash that I had never seen before. They did have those delicious delicatas as well.

  1. Haha! Most excellent ….love the photo of Les…how would one row intersection look anything different than the next? Geezus! They’d have to send in a helicopter for me after day 2. Probably wouldn’t let me in there after that. According to Mr Always-right (Don), I have no natural sense of direction. He believes he has an internal GPS. Always knows north. Whatever. He gets confused in the racks at Nordstrom! I have to walk him through the wilds of the refrigerator shelves he can’t seem to navigate too so I can get around when its important. :-). And if there was ever a mover-shaker it’s you, Nance!

    • Thanks Vic! Looks like harvest is keeping you busy these days. Beautiful photos. At least Don knows his way through the vineyard.

    • He loves that jacket and it has been perfect for cool morning walking and then tie around the waist when it gets warm. Another perfect Fall day today.

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