How’s Your Downward Dog? ~

It’s another almost Wordless Wednesday.  Since I’m currently on day 7 of my 30 days at the gym, I’m looking for a little motivation to keep me going.   Here’s what I found today ~ and I am beyond inspired!   I am in awe.

Bette Calman, age 83 doing the peacock pose.  She still teaches 11 classes a week.

Bernice Bates, age 91.  Teaching yoga sine 1960.

Vera Paley, age 91.  Currently teaches yoga to Alzheimers patients.

Tao Porchini-Lynch, age 93.  Has been practicing yoga for 70 years.

With role models like this, I have no reason to not be in the gym every day for the next 30 days and beyond.  It’s time for a Sun Salutation!


5 thoughts on “How’s Your Downward Dog? ~

  1. oh Yeah! there’s hope I’m inspired, I’m not going to groan so much in yoga class tomorrow night and my teacher is only 70

    • These women are truly inspiring! We can all do this – in some form. The secret is to just keep doing it.

  2. Ok – today is the day! While I haven’t started back to my workout program, just yet; I am gardening for pleasure, eating much better and climbing stairs at work. I love the inspiring pictures you’ve shared; so … I will commit to stretching my legs on the floor, peddling in the air, drinking lavender water and even more deep breathing, instead of sitting and watching Grimm on TV, all cozy on my comfy couch, with a glass of wine. Cheers!

    • Every little bit gets you there Laura. I kept thinking I had to go BIG or stay home. A leg stretch here. A few bicycles in the air and you are getting it back. I must say the wine, comfy couch and Grimm sound pretty good too. We can have it ALL!

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