Air BnB ~ Another Interesting Option

Here’s another lovely benefit of writing this blog – I hear from so many people who know WAY more about travel than I do and they offer great new ideas for me to check into.  How cool is that?  Very actually!   And that’s how I came to learn about Airbnb from Suzie, a lovely woman with a lot more travel miles on her rollie than the hubs and I have right now.

How about an art filled room in Giacomo’s stone house in Vinci, Italy?

I’d heard of this new player in travel accommodation but, frankly I thought it was sort of a step up from couch surfing and I’ve decided that’s probably not for us (at least right now).  Boy, was I wrong.  According to the founders (three young men in their late 20’s) it all started several years ago when these guys decided to buy some blow up mattresses and offer them (along with a tasty breakfast and local hospitality) to a few of young creative types who were attending a creative design conference in San Francisco where they lived.
Hence the original name Air Bed and Breakfast.  I am always tickled by creative ideas and love it when creativity + passion + vision + hard work = major success.

According to their website, it turns out that a whole lotta people were looking for places to stay where the “hospitality was genuine and the M&Ms didn’t cost $6.  The guests got insight into the city from a fresh, local perspective and an interesting place to stay at a very reasonable price.”  Bingo!   Airbnb took off and now offers diverse accommodations in over 26,000 cities and 192 countries around the world.

So, of course I took myself for a little cruise on the airbnb site and found every imaginable kind of place to stay.   For $71 a night you can rent a lovely domed cave house in Cataluna, Spain from Eve.  Or, for $85 a night you can stay in this yurt in the trees near Ashland OR with Becky and Sidney as your hosts.  We could do this for a long weekend! Or maybe, a small apartment on an agriturismo farm owned by Francesco and his family.  They make sheep’s milk cheese.  You name it, someone is offering you the opportunity to stay in it – cabins, rustic retreats, repurposed buildings, yurts, castles, boats, lofts, apartments – the list is endless.  And, of course, you can always rent a bedroom in someone’s home, often with meals and lots of social interaction.   Brilliant idea!  Let’s get packing.


7 thoughts on “Air BnB ~ Another Interesting Option

  1. I’m delighted with Airbnb! I’m staying in one of the places I found through the site right now. It’s a sweet one bedroom furnished apt. Here’s the listing and I highly recommend it to anyone traveling in this area. . The link shows photos and a nice description. I’m wild about this idea…plus, you can always list your own space – anything from an extra bedroom in your house to a guest house on your property. I stayed with some other folks along the way in my travels…it’s been delightful!

    • Thanks for the feedback on your airbnb experience. Your little apartment looks lovely and the farm. Little slice of heaven. Enjoy!

  2. I love Air BnB! My son suggested it to me last year when he moved to Italy as an option on places to stay while I was there. Such a vast variety of types of accommodations and locations. Thanks for getting the word out there, Nancy!

  3. Hi Nancy – I haven’t tried this yet but heard that it’s good. Affordable Travel Club (ATC) started by a couple in Gig Harbor. It’s for 40+. Costs about $60 per year to join. Then you get a directory of where you can stay. It’s only with other members – you pay $20 for a bedroom and breakfast and orientation to the city. Then you’re on your own – no coming in and out of their home. I keep wanting to try – but so far our trips have been to friends’ and relatives’ with a few b&b’s. Next adventure will be renting an RV and exploring SW National Parks in late Sept-Oct this year.
    We also need to plan our twalk soon………

    • Hi Judy, Thanks for the comment and for the interesting info on ATC. I will definitely check it out and share the info with the Just a Backpack readers if that’s ok. My daughter and granddaughter are visiting and we just came back from Great Wolf Lodge. Oh My – definitely not for “old” folks. My sister comes again in a couple of days and after mid-August if you are around, let’s meet and twalk while the weather is still so lovely. I want to hear about your RV plans. Take care! Twalk soon!

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