Trains, Ferries and a Pedicab ~

I’m sitting on the Amtrak waiting to pull out of Union Station in downtown Seattle.  Car 9.  Seat 2.  Seems like the perfect time to reflect on a near perfect weekend getaway.  Seattle is only three hours from Portland, but I find taking the train is so relaxing, especially when I’m traveling solo and a dear friend is picking me up at the end of the line.

I still romanticize riding the rails and, frankly, Amtrak is a world (or two) away from the glory days of train travel.  These days, taking the train is pretty much like taking the Greyhound bus only the passengers aren’t as interesting and generally, they smell better.   All things considered, the train is still a great way to go.  It’s even better when you get to ride the ferry back and forth from Seattle to Pt. Townsend.  What’s not to love about a state who’s ferry system is designated as part of the State Highway System?  I love that!  Thousands of people commute daily from the many surrounding islands into Seattle.  Hundreds of them in their cars.

Seattle Skyline from the ferry

So, what does the perfect girls’ weekend look like when the friend you’re visiting lives in a small town in the Pacific Northwest?  Something like this…

Spending time in the Rick Steve’s Travel Store and trying on his famous backpack and rollie all-in-one!  I’m a huge fan of Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door travel.

Sipping hand crafted fermented cider at the  Finn River Cidery.

Learning the art and science of home canning and making my first batch of dilly green beans for Sunday morning Bloody Marys.  Yum!

Stopping at quaint little towns like this one ~

Drinking a few “Painkillers” – the official drink of the British Virgin Islands – and feeling rather pain free myself by the end of the evening.

Eating my body weight in fresh caught crab at dinner – my first ever Crab Louie.  What rock was I living under that I missed this delicious treat all these year?

Cheering on the strong and the brave at the Hadlock Days Keg Toss at the Valley Tavern.

Hanging with good friends ~ Hours and hours of girl talk time.  Laughing ourselves silly.   

And, we certainly ended our weekend adventure in style … with not a cab in sight to take us from Pike Place Market to the Ferry Terminal (my friend) and the train station (me) we jumped into a four wheel/dune buggy style pedicab and our lovely driver Candy wheeled us away – wind in our hair, cars everywhere and two middle aged wild women laughing like crazy fools caught up in the sheer joy of the moment.  Just the way I like it!


8 thoughts on “Trains, Ferries and a Pedicab ~

  1. Sounds like a riot. I would give anything to have the kind of rail system over in Europe. I love the French trains – and not just the TGV. The little regional ones are fantastic. They’re bright and comfortable, some of the cars even giving space over to couches. There are so many places to go without needing a car. And reliable down to the second (the most important feature).

    • Absolutely, I agree that we need to upgrade our train service. Compared to so many countries, ours is outdated and not always comfortable or user-friendly. It would be a lovely thing indeed if we had a train service that worked as well as the trains in France. Leaving the car at home and having time to read, chat, watch the scenery roll by and even sleep on your journey is really a lovely thing!

  2. Ah….. what a delightful weekend! But I CAN’T believe you’ve NEVER had a Crab Louie until now!!! How is that possible, especially living on the West Coast and in the PNW? In any case, I’m certainly happy you’ve finally found them and I’m sure it won’t be your last 🙂 Great post!

    • Ha. It’s the mayo. In general I don’t eat much that has mayonnaise in it but the dressing she made was absolutely delicious. I’m a believer in the crab louie for sure now. And that crab was so sweet. They pulled them in that morning. Yum!

  3. Lovely post, Nancy. I’m dying to visit your neck of the woods. The furthest west I’ve ever been in St. Louis. Sad, I know. Anyway, thanks for giving me a taste of what I have to look forward to when I finally make my way there. XO

    • Its beautiful here in the summer and fall. Winter/spring – not so much unless you enjoy dark, damp, rain over and over again. That’s why I’m looking for a winter escape this year in Mexico or some other sunny place still in the US time zones so I can work.

    • Ha! Yes there were and they had a great time. So glad I finally got to meet you. Looking forward to the next visit. I’m making Painkillers one night next week when my daughter is visiting. She will LOVE them.

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