No Frills Airline ~

Over here at Just a Back Pack, I’m always looking for ways to travel on the cheap.  I’ve been reading up on accruing frequent flyer miles, comphopping, couch surfing and more.  These days there are so many unique ways to travel and save a buck or two.  With a lot of leg work and a little luck, I’m betting two adventuring geezers on a limited retirement budget can still put a lot of miles on our rollies.

Back in the day, when air travel was seen as glamorous and pretty much the private domain of the well-heeled, low budget (Greyhound in the Sky) air travel lived only in the dreams of most would-be travelers and apparently in the creative minds of a few comedians as well.   This No Frills Arline skit from the very old days of the Carol Burnett show is absolutely hysterical.

What’s your no frills adventure horror story?


5 thoughts on “No Frills Airline ~

    • I agree. Unfortunately, just when I am finally just about ready to really travel, getting on an airplane has become a very unpleasant proposition. It’s gotten so I want to just “be” there without having to “go” there. I’ve got some attitude adjusting to do…or heavy drinking 🙂

      • If you drink too much, you’ll be turned around for the next flight…beside, the FA can refuse to serve you if you’ve had “enough”! My hubby is a Flight Attendant, and trust me , putting up with people who are crabby due to security lines, carry on limits (for the passengers’ own good),etc…equally isn’t fun. “It ain’t like it used to be for them either! Thanks to Al Queida and the price of fuel!

      • I agree Patricia. It’s not easy for both sides any more. This skit was done way back in the 1970’s and it is pretty funny. Personally, I have not experienced either extremely rude travelers or less than very pleasant and helpful flight attendants. I think the nicer you are the nicer people are back. Cramped conditions, security, long lines, all add up to no fun for everyone. Thanks for weighing in!

  1. I remember the skit: I used to watch Carol Burnett faithfully” she helped me lear English in those long ago days…

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