Home Exchange ~ not this time

Last week I was merrily picturing myself wintering in a beautiful townhouse in sunny Southern California after a surprise and quite intriguing offer came in through Home Exchange.   Several of you offered to meet up with us in Century City.  A few asked if there was room for visitors.  And then there were one or two who felt this was not the right offer and we might do well to wait for something better.  Well this time the Nays have it.  Apparently, there was a slight problem with a major allergy to cats.  Doomed on both sides by our handsome boy.   Oh well, on to the next adventure. Here’s Mr. Ricky.  He moonlights as a pizza guard cat.


2 thoughts on “Home Exchange ~ not this time

  1. I love Mr. Ricky! He’s my kinda guy, guarding the pizza – which is, of course, the 4th food group 🙂

    Don’t ever forget that there’s always another adventure (or three or four!) waiting! The right home exchange will show up in the perfect place, just for the three of you!

    • I agree on all counts, Lois. I was drawn in by the possibility of winter sun and the ease of it all. More will be revealed for all of us.

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