Reflections on Water

I love being by the water.   It soothes my soul.  My bio-rhythms seem to slow to keep time with the rhythm of the waves.   My favorite childhood memories are of summers spent at our summer cottage on Balsam Lake.  In the lake, on the lake or lying on the dock by the lake.  I spent so much time in the water I’m surprised I didn’t grow gills.  My skin did turn prune-like on a regular basis however.   So it’s not a surprise that I see many water-related destinations in our future adventures.

A few years ago, my hubby and I went on a midnight canoe trip on Mt. Bachelor.   We slid across the lake guided by the light of the moon.  The only sounds were our paddles pushing through the water and the night song of the forest around us.  It was truly an awe-and-then-some experience.  Living in the Pacific Northwest we are truly blessed – ocean beaches and bays, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds – all right in our own backyard.  Before we set sail for parts unknown on the other side of the globe, and I even now, as I’m lusting after rivers in Egypt or Bulgari, we’ll keep on exploring and enjoying the natural bounty we have so close to home.

Floating and fly fishing on the south fork of the Flathead River in Glacier Park.

Fifteen minutes from our house and we’re canoeing on the Tualatin River.

Early morning sun salutation on the inlet – Wheeler, OR

Off  the beaten path near Steamboat Inn in Southern Oregon.

What’s your favorite water destination?  I’d love to check it out and maybe add it to our travel adventures bucket list.


6 thoughts on “Reflections on Water

  1. Those photos are breathtaking! Our cottage sits about an hour north of The Thousand Islands. I’ll be dropping the kids off at camp (2 on Lake Baptiste and 1 in Algonquin Park) as they continue their summer memory making, while I quietly read on the dock with my friends the loons (I am referring to fowl here, but I do have some crazy human friends too!).

    • Thank you. Oregon and the entire Pacific NW is beautiful country. I have many great memories of our own cottage on Balsam Lake and also on Buckshot Lake where my aunt and uncle owned Birch Lodge. I had my first job there at 14 washing dishes and cleaning cabins in the summer. This was a lifetime ago in the late 1950’s and early 60’s but I’m sure they are still as beautiful. (Just with better cottages with indoor plumbing!) Enjoy your quiet time with the loons. PS I’ve passed your blog link on to several of my Canadian and ex-Canadian friends.

  2. I don’t think I have a favorite water location unless it’s the beach, any beach, anywhere in the world. But I also enjoy rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, pools, oceans, bays, streams, and any other place that has water in it. Being a Water Dragon and a Cancerian, I think water runs in my veins instead of blood 🙂 I’ve loved water in places I’ve visited everywhere I’ve been and hope to see more water before I leave this planet but if I don’t, I’m sure there’ll be lots of water wherever I head to once I’m outta here!

    How about snorkeling in the Caribbean? Diving in Hawaii? The Vltava River in Prague? The ice bergs in Alaska? The Grand Canyon with the Colorado River in Arizona? A dinner cruise on Lake Tahoe? The Feather River in California? Just some of my faves…

    Your water photos are spectacular, Nancy! Makes me want to be at every single location, right now!

    • Great ideas for more water destinations Lois! I know you and L’il Homey will be parking by some beautiful water on your upcoming journey. I can’t wait to see your photos and be inspired.

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