The Retired Gentleman ~ in photos

Apparently there is a whole other persona that many men take on at a certain age/stage in life… I’ll just call it becoming the Retired Gentleman.   Life is once again full of possibility and new beginnings.   Since I’ve now got an RG of my very own, it has been fun watching this metamorphosis.   It’s only been a couple of months, but all of a sudden I’m seeing these men of a certain age everywhere I go.   Here are a few of my recent observations on what  a Retired Gentleman does now that he has time on his hands.

They take up sailing

The finally learn to operate heavy machinery.

They start a band and get some gigs.

They audition for the next Food Network Star.

They wear gold jackets and hang out at cat shows.

They get their groove on.

They realize their life long dream to become an astronaut.

What do retired women do?  Haven’t a clue.


2 thoughts on “The Retired Gentleman ~ in photos

  1. Well….evidently you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Bravo! :-). Great photo collection, by the way!

    • I have finally found something to do with all the photos I’ve been taking. Watch out…I have some photos of you lurking in the archives.

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