What’s in a Gift?

Here’s an interesting thought.  If you are in the process of getting rid of most of your worldly goods, what the heck should people give you as a gift – say for Mother’s Day, or Christmas or your Birthday?   On Saturday, my son and his lovely girlfriend invited us over to celebrate Mother’s Day with a little tea and scone brunch in their back yard and a trip to the St. John’s Parade.   My son said something like, “We thought about getting you a gift, but couldn’t think of what you would need that fit in the backpack and rollie.”   They gave me this precious little bouquet of flowers from their garden – perfect!

I was intrigued by the question.   Really, what is the point in giving gifts to someone who’s in the middle of down-sizing and, at this stage in life, what could I possibly need?  Short answer – Nothing.  (Well, I still WANT a pair of UGG boots, but I don’t honestly NEED them).  There is nothing I need and what a great feeling that is.  I do not need more stuff, but I still want more experiences and adventures and good times with friends and family.  Makes gift giving very simple, doesn’t it?   Moments.  Memories.  I’ll always need those.  I think that’s why I carry my little camera everywhere.  I want to remember and savor the moments, the sights, the colors, the unusual in the every day, and I am one who tends to forget.  Just ask my sister…she remembers more of my early life than I do.  But I digress… that’s another post entirely.  The truth is I spent the better part of of the last 50 years in pursuit of stuff and now it holds little or no value beyond the practical.

I took a picture of my “kids” at the St. John’s Parade so I can remember this moment.  The sun was out.  The streets were crowded.  The air was warm – a perfect memory of a Mother’s Day well celebrated.  Oh, and the absolutely delicious home made hazelnut chocolate scones.  That is truly all I needed for a perfectly lovely Mother’s Day.  Life is sweet.  Thanks guys.


7 thoughts on “What’s in a Gift?

  1. Our kids took us out for a fabu brunch and said, what else do you need – you have it all. And they are right. We DO have it all. Aren’t we lucky!

    • You and Mitchell inspire me every day! I would not have had the courage at your age to walk the road less traveled. It’s not always easy, but it will be an interesting and worthwhile journey.

  2. Gifts….you know I have the same feelings that I don’t ‘need’ anything and even though we aren’t downsizing what with this farm we are tied to….I still keep thinking “don’t bring me things” when people come over with hostess gifts. I am constantly running down to the St Vincent’s truck at Fred Meyer in Newberg. Don and I aren’t big on celebrating important events with gifts anymore either. Dinners, flowers, pictures….all good. Shows in town! Lovely. I guess my favorite gifts are shared times.

    Pictures are wonderful and I love the fact that it says “Proper Eats” right above Mitch & Nicki in the picture you took. They do eat properly! :-). Whenever I travel I do always have a photo and flowers at the table of our abode and it makes it homey and it feeds your eyes. I carry a saying in my head all the time that I heard back in my Eugene days “even if you only have 3 cents to eat, spend 2 cents on food and 1 cent on a flower to feed both your mouth and your eyes”

    • I love your closing thought! Simple words to living the good life – 2 cents on food and 1 cent on flowers.

  3. Nancy, I am really enjoying your blog–your writing is wonderful. And, I’m sharing it with my husband (Greg) as we get ready to downsize and try to live on our inadequate savings and Social Security. Getting some great ideas and attitude from you and Les.

    • Hi Peggy, So nice to see your name pop up! I’m so pleased you are reading/enjoying the blog. Yes, we are walking the same path these days. Are you still looking at Puerta Vallerta? We should get together and compare notes.

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