Living La Vida Cheapo ~

We’re looking for ways stretch our retirement dollars and have a few more grand adventures while we’re at it, so living in some place like Nicaragua or Mexico (yes it’s still safe), or Panama or even Spain are very intriguing possibilities for living the good life for less.   This recent article in the New York Times is full of great information on the benefits and pitfalls for people who want to explore the option of retirement living outside of the United States.  It looks like there are several interesting locations where you can live for less than $1500 a month – if you are willing to live more like a local and less like a gringo.  Really, why else would you go there?

And, yes, that’s a big pile of chickens lying out in the warm air on the table.  No, we didn’t buy one.   But right after we shopped at this gigantic outdoor mercado, I paid 5 pesos for two squares of toilet paper so I could use the public restroom.  It’s all just part of the adventure.


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