Why Not? ~

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently” … and here’s to having friends who help you be a person who says Why not? instead of just Why.   Thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple for the inspiring quote and thanks to a special friend who always brings out the “why not crazy” in me.    I had a lot of time to think about this while we were at the tradeshow for the Bloomsday Race in Spokane, WA this weekend handing out red bracelets and temporary tattoos to thousands of people and inspiring them with the story of the Japanese word Gambaru ~ Never, Ever Give Up.   Why?  Because my friend called and I said Why not!   These race folks didn’t really get that two women (and two brave men) were just there to sprinkle some motivation and inspiration. In fact, I’m pretty sure that lots of people at the event thought we were just a little crazy.  I hope so!  A little crazy is the spice that makes life interesting.  It’s what opens the door to adventure and opportunity and many times crazy is the glue that bonds.

This particular friend, I’ll just call her Sallie, always feeds my creative monster.  She is the queen of  “why not” and then a new idea springs to life – and hang on – ‘cuz we’re off again.  I have to admit not every idea is a winner in the end, but with Sallie the journey is so much damn fun that it’s always worth it.  Worth keeping 10,000 red Gambaru bracelets, toxic fumes and all, piled 5 feet high in your guest bedroom closet for a year, worth talking your hubby into playing along and hauling all 90 bags of them down two flights of stairs and loading them into the back of the SUV and then driving 7 hours in pouring rain to Spokane.  Sallie is a glass 3/4 full kinda gal and she brings that out in me – every time.

The more time I spend on this planet, the more things change and the more important my connection to others becomes.  I value every one of my friends, young and old.  I learn from you every day.  And, here’s to the crazy ones – and you know who you are, my dears.  You are the colorful threads that help me weave this beautiful crazy quilt called LIFE.

By the way, here’s where Sallie first learned about GAMBARU.


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