Gone to Bermuda

Ok, I admit it, I have been known to zone out right in the middle of a conversation.  The lights are on, but sometimes I’m not home.  I’ve gone to Bermuda.   You see, way, way back in the day, a bunch of us were out at the Universal Amphitheater watching two great acts – The Blues Brothers (as the opening act) and Steve Martin, wearing his trademark white suite and head arrow, doing his brilliant stand up routine.  Every now and then, Steve would stop in the middle of his monologue and stare off into space then snap back saying “Oops, I just went to Bermuda”.  I have no idea why that idea left such an indelible impression on me, but that phrase has been well used in our family ever since and frankly, I find myself going there more and more often.

Talk about cheap travel!  I can leave any time, no back pack or rollie required and the shortest visit leaves me renewed, refreshed and ready to carry on.  No dis-respect to my hubby or my neighbors, or the guy who sits next to me at Starbucks on Saturday morning and wants to CHAT,  but, really, I’ve heard your stories before – more than once – and they aren’t getting any better.  Never wanting to appear rude or disinterested, I’ve found that if I just smile and nod, nobody knows I’m trippin’, but my mind has taken off for higher ground.   Surely, I’m not alone here.  I’m thinking some days Bermuda might be a very crowded little island.  I know my husband is doing to the same thing, only maybe he’s on Barbados.

Just may be “going to Bermuda” is the secret to a happy marriage.   Just sayin’…


2 thoughts on “Gone to Bermuda

  1. I do the exact same thing. I say it’s because I’m creative, and a Pisces, and my wandering mind is my creative mind imagining things. It’s where I go when I design, write, craft, and sometimes in the middle of conversations. I love the travel saying you’ve given it and I’m totally going to adopt it: “Oops, I just went to Fiji!” is my new mantra. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your comment and the idea that it might be my creative mind. I do get my best ideas while wandering. I have been following your blog for quite and while and love your take on life, gardening, and living in Portland. I believe we have a mutual friend in Jerry Lambert from Vegas. Enjoy your trips to Fiji!

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