Lusting for a Land Yacht

I’m starting to think that more than half the fun of retirement planning is discovering all of the amazing options that I had absolutely no idea about.  Every time I talk to someone and mention our backpack and rollie plan, they tell me about some interesting place to visit, new ways to travel and the best yet, how to get paid while you are on the road aka workamping, in short, how to vivir la buena vida con poco dinera.   Just the other day, I had lunch with a friend who, last summer for her 60th birthday, visited 12 national parks in two weeks.  Camping with a girlfriend.  They loved it!   Another friend is hitting the road pulling a 10′ (that’s tiny) trailer so she and her dog and kitty can wander wherever the spirit of adventure takes them for the next year.  Or so.  These gals are blazing trails for me that I didn’t even know were there.

I’ve discovered that there are literally thousands of people, couples and singles, who chuck the house and the stuff and the stress and take to the joys of the open road.  All over the world.   The options are endless.  Who knew?  Really, it turns out that if you’ve got your health and an adventurous spirit, money isn’t as important as I feared.  Obviously money makes life easier, but travel and having grand adventures are still on the table.  Big time.  It just requires a slight mind-set adjustment.

So, with a new respect for those people I once thought to be just this side of the Beverly Hillbillies, I’ve become strangely drawn to what were originally known as land yachts.  If we’re going down this road (still an IF but I’m warming to the idea), then let’s go in style.  Which I would not necessarily confuse with luxury.  Fun, cute, unusual – something with flair that would make me swoon, like the little red number at the top of this post.  Definitely fun to think about.

Here’s a short pictorial history of some of my favorite land yachts.  I had a great time finding them ~

Family fun in a vintage 1909 motor home.

It was called The Jungle Yacht.  This was BEFORE Ike created the highway system so driving one of these babies over the mountains must have taken nerves of steel.

Now, this could do it.   It’s a 1956 model but I think it’s pretty cool.

Cutest.  Trailer.  Ever.And Ricky the cat could have his own trailer to match.  I love that it’s an Airstream which might just be the totally coolest trailers ever built.


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