What do you do with the cat?

So, this evening over a decadent french pastry nightcap, my son asks  “what happens to Mr. Ricky when you guys hit the road with just your back pack and rollies?”  Hmmm.  Good question!  When you are older and you take on a fur baby you need to consider that they could live 20 years.   Picture a couple of grey haired vagabond world travelers and their 15 pound Siamese cat with a loud voice and a lot to say.  That’s Mr. Ricky, my hubby’s best bud.  It’s a new wrinkle in the “if it doesn’t fit in the backpack we don’t need it” plan.  This will take some creative problem solving.   Maybe we could get Ricky some little travel outfits and pimp out his carry case and we’d all be good to go.  Some things you just can’t downsize.  Ricky is part of the team.


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