A Note From the Universe ~ with a check in it

Retirement scares me.  The idea of living on a small fixed income for an indefinite period of time in an unknown world keeps me planning to work until I keel over.   My hubby “Big Dog” and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary a month before I blow out the candles on my 65th birthday cake.  He was married very happily for 32 years and I was a mostly single mom of two.  Somehow neither of us were wise enough to feather our nest for a softer landing into our golden years.   Ours will be the brass years, but that’s ok.  I’ve been stashing as much away as I can and I haven’t been able to picture living the good life without the benefit of two good paychecks.   And now, without warning, we’re down to one income.  I had not planned on this and so I indulged in a moment or ten of panic.  How the hell were we going to do it?  worry.   worry.  worry.  Sigh.  worry.  worry.  Really BIG SIGH.  Well my little pitty party lasted about an hour.   That’s when I got my note from the Universe.   I walked out to pick up the mail and there it sat, addressed to me.  Actually, what I got was a lovely card with a $250 check in it.  It came out of the blue.  No one owed me money.  It wasn’t a refund or a rebate and I hadn’t won Publisher’s Clearing House.  It was a thank you for a referral I had given two years ago.

I’m happy to say that our financial situation is really still pretty ok and the $250 is not going to change my life financially, but the true gift this friend gave me was the reminder that we are always taken care of.   That good stuff happens when you least expect it.  That everything I really need is available to me if I’m open to seeing and accepting it.   I am grateful for the unexpected windfall of $250.  The timing was perfect as was the thoughtful gesture of this friend.   It was a beautiful and timely reminder to expect a miracle and be very grateful when you receive it.

And I’m treating myself to a spa day with my gift.   Life is Good!


2 thoughts on “A Note From the Universe ~ with a check in it

    • Yes, it is and it’s a lesson we learn and forget over and over. This was a beautiful reminder for sure.

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