Two role models and a spark of genius!

This week I had lunch with two amazing women.  Both women are creative, energetic, intelligent, worldly, well traveled, well read and from my perspective, lead most unusual lives.  I find their stories endlessly fascinating and I find myself feeling less than in their presence. I invited Ingrid and Lois to lunch because they are definitely role models for creating the life you want to live and then doing it, no matter age, financial circumstances, health, past or present challenges.  They might not agree, but I believe they live fearlessly and although I am the same age as Ingrid and four years older than Lois, I want to be just like them when I finally grow up.  Ingrid is writing a book about Runes and Lois is looking to buy a small motor home so she can drive across the US with her dog and her cat to celebrate her 60th year.  I was so inspired by their energy, their can do attitude, their enthusiasm.  I had forgotten the energy force that is created when women come together.  Wow.  It was just what I had been so desperately needing.  I lit up.  I came alive again.  The idea for this blog was born.   Thank you Ingrid and Lois for the gift you gave me and for the delicious Indian lunch.


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