If it doesn’t fit in the backpack & rollie, do we really need it?

I’m sixty three and my husband is 65.  Today he officially retired.  Not by choice, at least his choice.  But, even if the Universe has chosen on his behalf, he seems to be happy.  He’s been talking about selling everything, retiring and traveling for several months.  This from a man who has not been too far from his own backyard.  I’ve smiled and mocked him silently as I’ve heard him repeat hundreds of times now “If it doesn’t fit in the backpack and rollie I’m selling it.”  He’s decided we’re going to become citizens of the world.  I thought maybe his cheese was slipping of the cracker, but it finally came to me that in many ways the old guy is right and maybe I should listen this time.

The backpack and rollie is really a good metaphor for life and all the baggage we accumulate, both the real stuff and the emotional stuff we carry around.  What’s really important goes into the rollie bag and all the old unnecessary crap… just let it go.  I know, so much easier said than done.  However, I’ve decided to jump on the bus to wherever and embrace the possibilities of being a citizen of the world and all that might mean.

What would I keep?  How much stuff can you fit into a couple of carry on bags anyway?  I’m about to find out.  This blog is my exploration of my experience in letting go of the old, and at a time when it appears I’m becoming “old” myself, letting go in search of finding new joyful adventures.  Green lights and full speed ahead!


2 thoughts on “If it doesn’t fit in the backpack & rollie, do we really need it?

  1. ok, you need write a book, Don’t do anything different than you’re already doing and simply make it bigger. A jolly look at the traveling elders
    or something like that…This was all very interesting, didn’t want it to end..Good job! well done!!

    • Gail, Thank you! I think I LOVE you and I know you spend a lot of time editing a professional writer. You made my day.

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